South Central Michigan's

Finest Upland Game Bird Preserve


 The Ringneck Ranch LLC

              Jackson County, Michigan


             Come on out: we'll be here,

               bustin' birds and making

            more great hunting memories!


                         PH: 517/524-8294


Thanks for visiting our web site. Remember to look at the pictures of the fields, the cover, the farm lanes, the river and Shot-Lodge. Check our open to the public, with no membership fee or gunning fee bird hunt package prices. Phone 517/524-8294 to reserve a hunt. We're waiting to welcome you to a day of memorable upland bird hunting. 

Looking for the perfect pheasant hunt? If you enjoy hunting with your own group of hunters, The Ringneck Ranch LLC is your destination. We specialize in keeping your group together and alone so you don't need to worry about those "add-on" hunters and whether or not they are safe and can shoot. We have the birds, the habitat and the experience to offer you the best pheasant hunting in southern Michigan.



One of the things that sets The Ringneck Ranch LLC apart from many other preserves is that we offer mechanical bird processing on the weekends. We don't just breast the birds out, or swap your pheasants with some that have been cleaned and frozen from a previous hunt. We use a commericial scalder and plucker to clean the pheasants that you harvest on your hunt that day. When you return from the field and are ready to head home you'll be getting remarkably fresh whole pheasants that are perfect for smoking, deep frying, roasting, or baking.



A lot of our hunters enjoy smoking some of the pheasants they harvest to give as gourmet gifts but smoked pheasants make impressive and great tasting hors devours at any type of gathering. Other ways our  hunters utilize their harvest is to bake it as a main dish or shred it to make White Chili, a casserole or almost any dish that you would use other poultry in. It is good stuff. 


If you're deep frying take good care with that turkey fryer and the hot oil.