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 14904 Hanover Road, Hanover, MI. 49241

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Public Welcome

Open September through April

No Gunning, Membership Fee or Hunting License Required







Visit the "RNR Events Calendar" page on this site for field availability, current field conditions and links for current 

weather at the RNR.  


Ringneck Ranch LLC Coordinates:

Latitude: 42.09973

Longitude: 84.686458

 Maintaining a Tradition of Exceptional Upland Bird Hunting in Southern Michigan for 28+Years

We'll be opening on SATURDAY,

September 16, 2023 for


2023 - 2024 Pheasant Preserve Hunting Season.

We have thousands of Ringnecks!

 Phone to reserve your field.


or email us at

The "RNR" is nestled in the south-west corner of Jackson County, south central Michigan approximately an hour from Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, Lansing and the Indiana and Ohio state lines. 

Additionally, we're located three hours or less from Chicago, Detroit and Grand Rapids.  

 If you're looking for a great place that caters to hunters and their dogs at every skill level, this could be your perfect place. The Ringneck Ranch team works diligently to maintain a clean, safe place for pheasant hunters to hunt with family, friends and their dogs. If you have questions or want to reserve a field and kick up some pheasants, give us a call at 517/524-8294 

to reserve your pheasants and field.

 We love to see hunters pull up to the clubhouse, with their dogs jumping around in the car, or seeing those dog crates rocking with an excited hunting dog or two along for the ride.

If the dogs have hunted here in the past, it's like arriving at Disney World with your kids. Those dogs know before you get here that it's going to be one of the best days of their lives. The owners are nearly as eager to get to the field and get the show started as the dogs. Dogs love hunting with their owners and they live for days like this, making their master proud of the job they've been trained to do. Proudly marking a bird, going in to retrieve it, then prancing up to deliver that beautiful ringneck to his handler. It's hard to beat a day of pheasant hunting at The Ringneck Ranch LLC.

Walk Up Field Hunts

You can come alone or bring family and friends for a half day or a full day walk-up field hunt. If you don't have a dog let us set you up with one of our guides, and their incredible dogs at an additional cost. 

Big Daddy's European Tower Hunt 

If you have a group of twelve to thirty hunters, you should absolutely try a European Style Tower Hunt.

You'll reserve the entire Ringneck Ranch for your group for the entire day. There are fifteen shooting stations for up to 30 shooters. Every shooter will have ten pheasants released from the tower. Between rounds everyone rotates to the next station. When you're in your station don't forget to heckle, ostracize and generally give your friends a hard time. 

 There's a walk-up hunt following the tower hunt. Load up your game bag with the birds that slipped through the gun fire zone. When you're tired and hungry head back to the clubhouse for a steak fry luncheon consisting of thick cut New York Strip Steaks, baked potato, tossed salad, warm dinner rolls and yes . . . dessert!  By the time you've finished your lunch the days harvest will be cleaned, bagged and ready to pop into your cooler to take home for some incredible eating.   


 You can get it all started by giving us a call at      

 517/524-8294.Once you've got your reservation locked down you can grab your hunting dogs: guns; lucky hunting clothes and friends to spend a great day hunting.

 We want to show you some incredible

 Pheasant hunting at

The Ringneck Ranch LLC

The "Ranch" is open to the public by reservation, with no memberships or gunning fees. Just reserve a field, grab your gear and get here. We want to show you Michigan's best upland pheasant hunting. We stock beautifully feathered, healthy and strong flying pheasants that are fed a special diet while they're kept in large flight pens with limited exposure to dogs and people. 

When you hunt at The Ringneck Ranch LLC, you're going to be hunting in some of the absolute best cover available in Michigan. We cultivate and re-plant every field annually with sorghum, corn, and more. The woodlots and fence rows have been left intact for generations to insure incredible hunting opportunities for shooters of every ability. You'll be hunting fields, woodlots and along the Kalamazoo River bottom. It's all right here and we'd love to show it to you and your guests. 


Now that you've come this far, take a few minutes and explore our website for package pricing and answers to some of your questions. Check out the pictures at the Shooters Gallery and remember to give us a call at 517/524-8294 so we can personally answer any questions you might have or to get that hunt date set up. We can't wait to have you out to enjoy some major running and gunning Ringneck Ranch style!


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September 2023 ~ April 2024: It's Pheasant Hunting Season at
The Ringneck Ranch LLC
We Love to Hunt
We're all about showing you an incredibly great time hunting for beautiful, cunning and great tasting Ringneck Pheasant in southern Michigan!

As always, The Ringneck Ranch LLC welcomes all the terrific hunters that come here to hunt pheasant. We appreciate all the pheasant hunters that come out to The Ringneck Ranch with co-workers, family and friends; all of them great outdoorsmen, women and young hunters who are working to keep Michigan's hunting heritage alive and well. 

We've hosted some spectacular hunts at the Ranch over the years. Countless shooters come out to bust those cagey ringnecks with great success. It doesn't matter whether you come out to spend a few hours field hunting, or if you're here to obliterate massive numbers of those crazy pheasants as they come burning out of the tower during one of our "Big Daddys European Tower Hunts, it's always another great day of pheasant hunting at The Ringneck Ranch LLC. We can't even begin to tell you how much we enjoy having all of you out, and how much we appreciate the time you spend with us.

Whether your hunt party consists of you, or you and 29 of your closest hunting buddies, we're going to bend over backwards to make your time hunting with us unforgettable. When you get here, we'll meet in the "Shot-Lodge". Bring your gear in, grab some fresh coffee and get registered. While you're busy gearing up to head out into the field Ron's going to be a step ahead of you planting your pheasants per your directions.

Don't think you'll have some oh-so-easy hunting, or that those birds are going to pop right up so you can take a pot-shot. Not these ringnecks. You're going to have to work to cancel these flights! These birds are raised in extra-large flight pens with heavy cover and minimal exposure to humans or dogs. Our ringnecks are strong flyers, and as wary and wily as any pheasant you'll hunt in Idaho, Iowa, Kansas or the Dakota's. You're going to have some high times shooting.

Feel free to plug in your crockpots; use the range, the fridge and just about anything else you need to pull a snack, lunch or dinner together. Give us a heads-up if you want to do a little grilling. We'll have the grill ready and waiting. If you want to skip hauling food we'll be glad to pull a lunch together for your group with advance notice. Give us a call (517/524-8294) or send an e-mail to: so we can show you just how The Ringneck Ranch LLC is making it happen when it comes to having the best time hunting pheasants.


 Big Daddy Ron's European Style Hunt

Ten Pheasants, Bird Cleaning & Our N.Y. Strip Steak Lunch
Per Shooter

If you 're looking for a great deal on pheasants and shooting that's a little more intense and action packed than what a field hunt offers, but really want to keep traditional field hunting alive you need to book into one of "Big Daddy Ron's European Hunts". That's right, this is it! You'll have to get up early to make the morning drive, but you won't be missing that hour or two of sleep for long. Coffee and fresh baked that morning pastries will be waiting in the Shot-Lodge, and once you start to feel the caffeine and sugar starting to shake you, you'll still have a few minutes to catch up with old and new friends and to get your gear; guns and shells together before the safety meeting. Then it's a short drive to the tower field and a quick walk to one of fifteen shooting stations and some incredibly fine shooting action. You're going to have to try to cancel the flights of ten wily pheasants per shooter pitched out of the tower in rounds of ten birds each for up to 30 shooters who will rotate to the next station after each round. 
It's doesn't end with the European Hunt: oh-no! You have more a lot more shooting to do. Even if your gun shoulder feels like a raw burger, you didn't get every bird. Surprisingly, there will be pheasants that slid right past all of you. They're hunkered down in the sorghum catching their breath and planning how they're going to outmaneuver all of you for the remainder of the day. 

While you're out in the flight cancelled zone things are starting to cook at the Shot-Lodge as we pull together a spectacular lunch. You'll have a massive appetite after hours of walking, shooting and heckling your fellow hunters. Incredibly, we've got you covered. You'll be coming in for a great buffet luncheon, including juicy and tender, thick-cut New York Strip Steaks, hot off the grill. That buffet is going to get topped off with crispy, fresh salad, baked potato, rolls, beverages and seasonal desserts. You need all those carbs and that protein to finish it up. Once you're finished visiting with your fellow hunters, you'll pick up your green DNR carry tag, step out of the Shot-Lodge grab your birds and say your goodbyes. We are so glad you came to spend the day with us.  There won't be any stretching out for a little afternoon snooze because after lunch it's back to the fields for a walk-up to kick up those birds that made it through the circle of fire that morning. Being a shooter is the best of the best with a full day of running and gunning on entire Ringneck Ranch for the participants at Big Daddy Ron's European Hunt. When the days over you'll be loaded down with your own fresh, plucked clean and processed pheasants. We've included everything except a dog, your hunting clothes, shoes, gun and ammo. All you have to do is show up and shoot! You're going to have some hunting fun. When you contact us remember to ask about the cash discount for the groups coordinator who pulls it all together and makes a European Tower Hunt happen.    
Having a superior hunt always comes back to the same three elements. You need healthy; hard flying game birds, great field cover for those birds to hunker down in while they wait for you and that great flushing or pointing dog to roust them out and bust them into flight. Did I mention the excitement of bringing your gun up to your shoulder, aiming, firing and watching a cock bird careen to the ground? And then there's the pure beauty of watching that incredible pointing or flushing dog make a perfect retrieve and drop that pheasant right into the palm of your hand, all proud of himself and the great job he just did for you. The three magic elements of a great hunt: healthy, hard flying gamebirds. a dog that lives for the hunt, and exceptional cover. We have all of that and more right here.

We take a lot of pride in what we do here. We get our pheasant chicks when they're one day old, just hatched. From day one our birds are treated to a special diet for maximum performance and conditioning, not just as chicks but throughout their lives, living in areas with plenty of room and cover for them grow into healthy strong flying pheasants. 


We work hard to provide you not only with great service: the best birds; and a top-notch facility, but also with superior cover in comparison to other preserves. The cover here is excellent in the early fall, but sorghum seems to come into its own after it's been hit by a few heavy frosts, two or three wet snowfalls and a little freezing rain. One tip to remember is to always look beyond what's right in front of and around you. Remember to work those fence rows, wooded lanes, plots of corn and hit the brushy areas that are included in your designated hunting area.  Chances are whether you're hunting with your own dog, or one of ours you're going to find an extra bird or two hiding out in some of the most unlikely places.

Phone: 517/524-8294   E-Mail: